Crossing the ages….

Every once in a while, an innovative new artist will come along and forcibly drag (sometimes kicking and screaming) a new idea or concept to the forefront of our minds. In the embedded video, we get the chance to observe a novel, although not entirely new experiment (the reaction to the first performance of Beethoven’s Eroica symphony almost certainly roused similar feelings of bemusement and shock amongst contemporary audiences.

This is the official music for Croatian Cellist Duo Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hause’s take on AC/DC’s rip-roaring classic “Thunderstruck.” I gathered my thoughts after watching the 5 minutes clip:-

Wow! What a ride that was! Our journey begins as we amble sedately behind two regency costumed concertgoers of the late 18th century. Primped and preened they enter the building in full compliance with the etiquettal regulations of the day.

The camera sets the scene, we are inside a stuffy candlelit concert hall; the formally attired audience await the musicians impatiently. Without delay, our two maestros appear on stage – two cellists – both in possession of crowd-pleasing good looks – get us underway. The soundtrack initially matches with our expectations (a cleverly arranged Baroque style rendition of the AC/DC classic.)

What starts to happen makes the sudden and shocking contrast all the more real and pleasurable. Bows fray whilst our two performers egg each other on, marking the beginning of a duel – the tension between the two musicians increases as they collectively raise the temperature. Note the shocked expressions and grumbling disposition of the understandably conservative audience; the only mutinous indications of rebellion emanating from the younger members of the assembled crowd 🙂

What began as a genteel, refined evening’s programme turns rapidly with ever increasing aggression, inexorably toward an evening in the mosh pit! 200 years before its time, no less. Little wonder at the shocked reactions across the front row. The only bigger surprise is that the hall doesn’t erupt into a violent rebellion.

With nearly 120 million views of just this one video, these guys are clearly causing a stir and at the same time providing a clear answer to the question: can classical music still be relevant in our new and modern age of technology? Perhaps the answer can best be supplied with a famous old quote from Hans Christian Andersen:- “Verbis defectis musica incipit.” – “where words fail, music speaks.”